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Find new opportunities anonymously thanks to CyberrAI.

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On CyberrAI, The company make the first move.

100% Anonymous

Start matching with job opportunities only based on your skill. You stay anonymous in the process up until you accept to be in contact.

Fast & Easy Onboarding

No more filling endless fields.
You can either choose to use ou AI tech to automatically fill your profile from you resume or choose to do it manually.

Companies apply to you

When your profile is online on our platform, companies can apply to you directly when you're a match and you will be notified.

You tell us your cyber skills,
we match you with the best opportunities!

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Match with the best opportunities

Amplify your impact with Referrals

Our referral program is the key in building a robust cybersecurity community. It's your opportunity to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem by referring talented individuals who can shape the future of cybersecurity.

Enhance Your Network

Each referral expands your professional circle, adding value to your network while you help others find their ideal role in the cybersecurity domain.

Rewarding Excellence

For every successful referral, gain recognition and rewards. It's our way of thanking you for contributing to the strength of our community.

Foster Professional Growth

By referring candidates, you play a direct role in their professional development, helping to mentor and guide them through the landscape of cybersecurity opportunities.

Through the Cyberr Referral program, your influence has the power to transform careers and fortify our collective cybersecurity defense. Refer a candidate today and take pride in nurturing the next wave of cybersecurity excellence.

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