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Unlock a world of talent in cybersecurity by expanding your candidate search to millions of professionals globally. With the increasing demand for skilled cybersecurity experts, it's crucial to cast a wide net and tap into diverse talent pools across the globe.

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Our algorithm, empowered by AI, gives you a unique insight into each candidate.


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Our technology automatically matches all our active talent profiles to your job description.


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The AI assists you in writing messages when reaching out to talent based on your job and their profile.


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Al helps you create the perfect job description based on your criteria.

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Get one step ahead in the Cyber recruitment with Cyberr AI.

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" We were able to call on a proactive and very willing team to help in our search for a cybersecurity expert. Cyberr is a true business partner, helping us to find the perfect fit for our organisation. "

Head of recruitment
total energies

“As head of IT recruitment for the group, I have benefited from the services of Cyberr when looking for niche skills in an extremely competitive market.

We are very satisfied with the professionalism, advice, and guidance relating to cybersecurity positions given throughout the process.”

HR Manager
schneider france

“With Cyberr, I benefit from a pragmatic and qualitative help to fill complex roles in my organisation. Far from the fluff of many agencies, Cyberr provides a professional and friendly approach to difficult and niche searches.”

Globl Technical Recruiter
Ultimate software - paris

“Cyberr supports us in our quest for new cybersecurity talent. Their dynamic team and personalised approach ensure that we can efficiently service our clients within the ever-changing economic and digital transformation space.”

Head of recruitment

“Cyberr is our go-to recruitment partner in France for our cybersecurity division.”

HR Director
thales france